Stakeholder meeting to inform them about the project

The stakeholder meeting is part of the activities carried out by REWAC and Partners. it aims was to provide key stakeholders with comprehensive information about the project, including its goals, activities, and expected outcomes. The meeting also aimed to foster collaboration, gain support, and ensure a shared understanding among stakeholders.

It took place on the 7th of April with 50 participants during the session and included officials from relevant ministries and departments, representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on SGBV issues, community leaders and influential individuals, legal experts and law enforcement representatives, as well as project staff and volunteers.

The Programmes Manager gave opening remarks during which she acknowledged the attendees and she went ahead to introduce key project team members. This was followed by the presentation on the background and rationale of the SGBV project, explanation of the project’s objectives, target population, and geographical scope and overview of the project’s timeline, funding sources, and key partners.

The project activities and strategies were also presented with a detailed description of each project activity, including awareness campaigns, capacity-building workshops, training sessions, and stakeholder engagement initiatives. Explanation of the strategies employed to address SGBV, including community mobilization, advocacy, and empowerment approaches was not left out as well as discussion on the expected outcomes and impact of the project.

Clarification of the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in supporting the project as well as identification of potential areas for collaboration and partnership were also discussed.

In the end the opportunity was given for stakeholders to express their commitment and support for the project which led to the identification of potential actions and collaboration opportunities for stakeholders.

Outputs of the activity: the project objectives, activities, and expected outcomes were presented to 55 stakeholders (15 female and 35 male)

Outcomes of the activity: Increased awareness and understanding of the project among stakeholders. 90% of stakeholders reported understanding the project goals and their roles in supporting its implementation.

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