REWAC Champions Financial Empowerment for Women in Bamenda

The tides are turning for women in Bamenda. REWAC, ever the champion for vulnerable communities, spearheaded a powerful initiative in collaboration with Giving Tuesday Cameroon, the MTN Cameroon Foundation , and the Bayelle Cooperative Credit Union (BaCCUL), a highly rated micro-finance institution(MFI) in Cameroon.

This impact project wasn’t just a training session; it was a springboard towards a brighter future for 55 women. REWAC recognized the critical role financial inclusion plays in empowering women, particularly with the  ongoing socio-political unrest.

Equipping Women for Success:

  • Financial Literacy: BaCCUL led the charge, equipping participants with the knowledge to navigate the financial landscape. This included information on BaCCUL’s services, like affordable interest rates and supportive business networks – a crucial step towards financial independence.
  • Technological Literacy: MTN Cameroon Foundation wasn’t just about communication. They provided training on mobile technology, cyber-security, and secure internet access. These skills are the key to unlocking a world of opportunity – accessing BaCCUL services conveniently, exploring online resources, and staying connected with vital support networks.
  • Giving Tuesday Spirit: Giving Tuesday Cameroon wasn’t just about the training. They embodied the spirit of the movement by fostering a sense of community and shared joy. This included not just training, but also providing 50 participants with smartphones. These devices are more than communication tools – they are gateways to financial inclusion, education, and a brighter future.

Beyond the Numbers:

The impact goes beyond the 55 women directly involved. By empowering women financially and technologically, REWAC and its partners are paving the way for a more empowered, inclusive, and prosperous future for the entire Bamenda community.

This initiative is a powerful testament to the transformational power of collaboration. When organizations like REWAC, Giving Tuesday Cameroon, MTN Cameroon Foundation, and BaCCUL join forces, the impact is undeniable. Together, they are not just equipping women – they are building a brighter future for Bamenda, one empowered woman at a time.

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