Capacity building workshop for project staff, lawyers, & volunteers

The Capacity building workshop for project staff, lawyers, & volunteers took place on the 8th of April 2023 at Hill Top Hotel. This capacity-building exercise was aimed at preparing the entire project team for the implementation of the project in the various communities.  A consultant was hired to carry out the training, and key points of the workshop included:

  • understanding Sexual and Gender-Based Violence under which there was a presentation on the various forms of SGBV, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and harmful practices along with the root causes, impacts, and consequences of SGBV.
  • Trauma-informed approaches were also highlighted with emphasis on trauma-informed care and support for SGBV survivors, techniques for creating safe and empowering spaces for survivors as well as self-care strategies for staff and volunteers working with survivors.
  • The legal aspects of addressing SGBV, including legislation, court procedures, and legal remedies as well as legal advocacy strategies, including legal aid services, filing cases, and supporting survivors through the legal process with the role of lawyers and legal practitioners in promoting justice for SGBV survivors.
  • Providing effective counseling and psychosocial support to SGBV survivors, Techniques for active listening, empathy, and building trust as well as an overview of referral pathways and available support services for survivors.
  • Strategies for community mobilization and awareness raising on SGBV, conducting workshops, awareness campaigns, and sensitization sessions as well as effective communication techniques and engaging with diverse community members.
  • Case management protocols, including intake processes, risk assessments, and safety planning, as well as documentation best practices, confidentiality, and data protection.

Output:  A workshop to enhance the knowledge and skills of project staff, lawyers, and volunteers on SGBV awareness, prevention, and response was carried out

Outcome: The capacity of project personnel to effectively implement SGBV awareness and advocacy activities is strengthened. Post-workshop evaluations indicate a 25% increase in participants’ general knowledge and confidence in addressing SGBV issues. Improved coordination and collaboration among project staff, lawyers, and volunteers. Increased awareness and understanding of legal frameworks; post-workshop evaluation reveals a 40% increase in understanding of DVA and sexual offenses legislation among participants, enabling them to provide accurate information and guidance to survivors

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