Stakeholder meeting to launch the project activity

The Stakeholder meeting to launch the project activity took place on the 9th of April at Bamenda 1 council hall. During the launching ceremony, the Programmes Manager re-iterated the background and context of the project, the project’s goals, objectives, and expected outcomes as well as an overview of the project’s target population and geographical focus. She also reiterated the project’s strategies and approaches for addressing SGBV as well as the expected role for each stakeholder.

A tradition authority (HRM Forchesiri III, Fon of Bamendankwe) acknowledged the vision and dedication of the project team in bringing this initiative to his community. He commended commitment to addressing the deeply-rooted issue of SGBV and pledged the unwavering support of his community, who will work hand in hand to ensure the success of this project. He concluded by encouraging all stakeholders to put in collective efforts to create a safer and more equitable society where respect, equality, and justice prevail.

The leader of a CBO called “Bamenda III Association of Women Living with Disability” stated that her organization was immensely honored to be part of this lunch of a project that holds tremendous promise in the fight against gender-based violence. She added that they have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of SGBV and promised that together, we can create a society where survivors are supported, perpetrators are held accountable, and future generations are nurtured in an environment of respect and equality.

Representative of the mayor Bamenda I applauded the initiative and commitment demonstrated by the project team in launching this vital project against gender-based violence. He noted that SGBV represents a severe violation of human rights and a blight on his municipality, and assured the unwavering support of his office in mobilizing resources, coordinating stakeholders, and facilitating the smooth implementation of this project.

A legal practitioner stated that they, who are committed to upholding the principles of fairness, equality, and the rule of law, understand the critical role that laws, policies, and the justice system play in combating SGBV. He commended the project team for their emphasis on legal empowerment, capacity building, and collaboration. Noting that together, we can create an environment where survivors receive the justice they deserve, perpetrators are held accountable, and the legal framework supports a violence-free society

Output: The project was officially launched, gathering support, and establishing collaborative partnerships.

Outcome: Increased commitment and engagement from stakeholders, including government officials, NGOs, and community leaders, which can lead to effective implementation and sustainability of the project. As a result of the meeting, 100% of stakeholders committed to providing support, and partnerships with key organizations were established.

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