Conduct baseline survey; one to one and group interviews with women

The initiative aims to provide free, equitable quality education for all children by constructing community-run early childhood centers, covering school fees, providing remedial support, running accelerated learning programs, training teachers, establishing girls’ clubs, engaging parents, renovating facilities, and advocating for inclusive policies with the Ministry of Education.

  • Constructing and equipping community-run early childhood centers
  • Covering school fees, supplies, uniforms and transportation costs for disadvantaged learners
  • Complementing academics with sports, arts, music to nurture holistic skills
  • Providing remedial support and life skills training to out-of-school youth
  • Running accelerated learning programs enabling children to transition into formal schools
  • Training teachers in child-centered pedagogies, classroom management and inclusion
  • Establishing girls’ clubs to support continued education and delay early marriage
  • Engaging parents and caretakers in participatory school governance
  • Renovating schools’ water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to meet standards
  • Advocating with the Ministry of Education to adopt inclusive, pro-poor policies “
Refugee Welfare

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