REWAC works to increase access to inclusive quality education for refugees, asylum seekers, internal migrants, and stateless children and youth. Our initiatives include:

  • Operating accredited community learning centers in underserved areas that offer accredited primary, secondary, vocational, and continuing education for learners aged 5 to adult. Centers utilize accelerated curricula, mother tongue instruction, and trauma-informed techniques.
  • Awarding scholarships for high-achieving refugees, asylum seekers, and stateless youth to access specialized training, vocational institutes, national universities, and foreign scholarship schemes.
  • Organizing media campaigns and door-to-door drives to promote school enrollment, birth registration, and vaccine uptake among migrant and refugee children. We provide translation support to address barriers.
  • Designing accelerated non-formal education and preparatory classes to support entry of over-age and out-of-school children into mainstream schools.
  • Offering language classes in French and English alongside literacy, numeracy, and livelihood skills instruction to enhance employment prospects for adolescent and adult learners.
  • Distributing sanitary kits to girls to enhance menstrual hygiene management and combat period poverty as a barrier to school attendance.
  • Advocating for inclusive national education policies on access, equivalency, work permits and recognition of qualifications, training of teachers on trauma-informed instruction and migrant learner needs.

Refugee Welfare

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