Health and Sanitation (WASH)

REWAC coordinates essential health and sanitation services tailored to refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs and neglected host communities:

  • Establishing migrant-friendly community health posts in underserved areas providing outpatient, maternal-child, immunization and HIV/AIDS services. Posts are equipped with essential diagnostic equipment, medications and supplies.
  • Training and employing community health workers, midwives, nurses and psychosocial counselors selected from within migrant and host communities to conduct health promotion, testing/treatment, and counseling home visits to overcome barriers.
  • Operating shelters medically equipped to support survivors of gender-based violence. This entails medical treatment, forensic documentation of injuries, psychosocial support, safety planning and referral for any needed specialized care.
  • Implementing community-led total sanitation and hygiene promotion interventions including handpump installation for clean water access, latrine construction, handwashing stations, and solid waste disposal systems in migrant sites and surrounding communities.
  • Conducting reproductive health outreach providing antenatal and postnatal monitoring, clean birthing kits, family planning education and methods. We encourage male involvement and dismantle taboos.
  • Undertaking voluntary HIV/AIDS testing and counselling at health posts and through community health workers. Condoms are freely distributed and anti-retroviral therapy facilitated.
  • Responding rapidly to disease outbreaks through case identification, contact tracing, patient isolation and reporting, rat control and sanitation measures. Oral rehydration and antibiotics are distributed.
  • Offering mental health and psychosocial support care through individual and group counselling, support groups, referral systems, and equipping community caseworkers to provide psychosocial first aid.
Refugee Welfare

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