Awareness session with youth Drivers and bike Riders

The Refugee Welfare Association carried out 2 separate awareness sessions were held for bike riders and drivers. That for drivers took place on the 11th of April 2023 at Bamendankwe with 20 participants (20 males) present and that for bike riders took place the 11th of July at Wum with 20 participants (20 males) present. There were sessions held with the drivers and the bike riders after which the participants led the project team to the field to sensitize with their colleagues, reaching to an additional 128 more sensitized. Key highlights of the 2 sessions included:

  • Definition, forms, and prevalence of gender-based violence, Discussion on the importance of recognizing and addressing SGBV in society and the impact of SGBV on individuals, families, and communities.
  • Specific types of SGBV that may occur within the transportation sector, power dynamics, harassment, and discrimination faced by women and marginalized groups in transportation settings with a review of case studies and real-life examples to illustrate the experiences of survivors and the consequences of SGBV.
  • the role and responsibility of drivers and bike riders in preventing and responding to SGBV as well as bystander intervention techniques and strategies to promote a safe and respectful environment.
  • Promoting respectful and safe transportation practices and fostering a culture of respect, consent, and gender equality among drivers and bike riders.
  • Effective communication and active listening skills to enhance interactions with passengers and fellow transportation workers and strategies for handling difficult situations and conflicts in a non-violent and respectful manner.
  • Reporting mechanisms and available support services for survivors of SGBV, how to appropriately respond and refer survivors to relevant assistance and means of collaboration with local organizations and authorities to strengthen support systems within the transportation sector.

Output: 2 awareness sessions organized for taxi drivers and bike riders, covering various locations and reaching a total of 168 participants.

Outcomes: As a result of the campaign, 100% of taxi drivers and bike riders implemented the in the campaign to sensitize peers on measures to prevent gender-based violence.

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