Awareness sessions in schools during morning devotion in 8 schools in the north west

Primary schools and secondary schools with existing guidance and counseling offices  where targeted, four  awareness sessions was held in those schools, and discussions  was centered on protection mechanism from  SGBV and encouraging the students to visit their guidance and counseling office to report any  sexual  crime from teachers or students

During these sessions, REWAC trained the counselors on how to be child-friendly in handling the student’s and pupils cases.The SGBV case manager in REWAC and the counselor work in partnership in listening to the school children. In St Fredrick, a Girls Club has been created to discuss SGBV-related issues and to sensitize the school twice per month on SGBV during morning devotion. In GTHS, a Boys Club has been created to carry out a He for Her campaign to sensitize boys on the disadvantages SGBV.

Within the awareness session, more children visited the counselor’s office to express themselves. Which was not the case before.

Discussions was on the following .

  • Definition, forms, and prevalence of gender-based violence, the impact of SGBV on individuals, families, and communities and root causes of SGBV and its intersection with cultural and social norms.
  • Introduction to human rights and the rights of women and girls, responsibilities of individuals and society in ensuring equal rights and opportunities and ways to advocate for gender equality and challenge discriminatory practices.
  • Reporting mechanisms and available support services for survivors of SGBV, the importance of believing and supporting survivors and how to appropriately respond and refer individuals affected by SGBV to relevant assistance.
  • Empowerment of students to become peer educators and advocates for gender equality and SGBV prevention and Strategies for organizing awareness campaigns, workshops, and peer support groups within schools.
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