REWAC: At the Forefront of Dismantling Gender-Based Violence in the Northwest Region

REWAC recently unveiled their progress in dismantling the insidious issue of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) within the Northwest Region. A select gathering of esteemed media men and women, recognized for their dedication to this critical cause, convened at REWAC’s conference hall  for a press briefing.

The event commenced with a refined exposition of REWAC’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding vulnerable populations. This was followed by a nuanced overview of their Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) funded project, highlighting the remarkable achievements meticulously attained throughout its duration.

REWAC representatives strategically emphasized the media’s pivotal role. Their keen understanding of the power of informed discourse was evident as they passionately advocated for the media’s continued partnership in dismantling the very structures that perpetuate GBV and fostering a culture of unwavering opposition.

Laura Jinkoh, REWAC’s Programs Manager, unveiled compelling takeaways:

  • A measurable shift in GBV conversations – REWAC’s strategic initiatives have demonstrably empowered community members to not only identify GBV but also to confidently report these incidents.
  • A surge in seeking support – A marked increase in survivors seeking assistance from REWAC’s legal aid clinic signifies a growing awareness and willingness to confront this pervasive issue.

While acknowledging the hurdles, particularly regarding accessibility of support services in remote areas, Laura exuded optimism. The project’s accomplishments have laid a robust foundation for sustained efforts. With the media’s unwavering collaboration, REWAC is confident in its ability to cultivate a future free from the scourge of Gender-Based Violence.

The press briefing culminated in a dynamic Q&A session, fostering a platform for esteemed journalists to delve deeper with REWAC representatives on various project facets and the broader landscape of GBV. This event marked a pivotal moment, solidifying the media’s role as a critical ally in REWAC’s resolute pursuit of eradicating GBV from the Northwest Region. By illuminating this critical issue and empowering communities, REWAC and its esteemed media partners are demonstrably forging a path towards a future where women and girls can thrive free from violence.

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