Our Children, Our Future: Equipping Bamenda’s Teachers to Fight Gender-Based Violence

Education is the cornerstone of a strong community, but in Bamenda, recent years have cast a long shadow. Children, especially, face a harsh reality. However, a beacon of hope emerged from REWAC, a familiar champion for vulnerable communities. REWAC stepped up to protect children by holding a critical session with teachers from the Heritage Bilingual Primary and Secondary School.

This wasn’t a typical teacher training session. We forgot about lesson plans and textbooks for a moment and had to  equip these educators with a strong and more powerful tool: the ability to identify and address Gender-Based Violence (GBV) amongst their students.

Here’s the truth: Teachers are often the first line of defense for our children. They are trusted confidantes, and by empowering them to recognize GBV, REWAC is putting the safety and well-being of our children directly in the hands of those who care most. But this initiative goes beyond awareness. REWAC actively engaged teachers in weaving GBV education into the very fabric of the school curriculum. This ensures that  our children not only understand what GBV is, but also have the tools to recognize it in their own lives and the lives of their classmates.

Knowledge is power, but without action, it’s a dormant seed. Recognizing this, REWAC facilitated the creation of a safe and vital referral system within the school. This system allows students to report GBV incidents and ensures that they receive the support they need. This is a game-changer. The system empowers our children to find their voice, to know they will be heard. It’s a message of hope that rings loud and clear, a call to action for every school and stakeholder in Bamenda.

The fight against GBV demands a united front. REWAC’s initiative with the Heritage Bilingual School is a powerful model, a beacon for other schools to follow. Let’s break the silence surrounding GBV. Let’s prioritize the safety and well-being of every child in Bamenda. The future of our community depends on it.

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