Sessions with teachers at the nursery, primary, secondary and PTA levels at the staff room

The session was held at GBHS Bamendakwe on the 10th of May and had in attendance the following number of persons (male, female). Key highlights of the sessions were around the following;

  • Definition, forms, and prevalence of gender-based violence, the impact of SGBV on students’ well-being, education, and overall development and the role of teachers in preventing and addressing SGBV within the educational context.
  • The importance of creating safe, inclusive, and gender-responsive learning environments, promoting respect, empathy, and equality among students; and classroom practices that contribute to a positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Gender-sensitive teaching approaches that challenge gender stereotypes promote equality and integrate gender perspectives into curricula, instructional materials, and classroom activities.
  • Recognizing signs of SGBV among students, appropriate responses and support strategies for students affected by SGBV, and referral mechanisms and available support services for students in need.
  • The role of parents and the PTA in preventing and addressing SGBV, and engaging parents in promoting respectful and healthy relationships.
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