Health, Nutrition and WASH: Can You Help a Survivor Heal?

REWAC Trains Medics on the Frontlines of Healing

Imagine this: you walk into a hospital, seeking help after a horrific experience. But will you be met with understanding and care, or judgment and confusion?

For survivors of sexual assault, this fear is often a reality. Thankfully, REWAC is working to change the narrative.

On the Frontlines of Healing

On April 21st, REWAC brought together 20 medical professionals at the Military Hospital Up Station for a crucial training session. But this wasn’t your average PowerPoint presentation. This workshop aimed to transform these doctors and nurses into superheroes for survivors.

Empowering Medics, One Skill at a Time

These heroes learned how to:

  • Become Champions: They delved into the complexities of sexual violence, understanding its impact and the needs of survivors.
  • Build Trust, Not Walls: Communication skills were honed, focusing on empathy, active listening, and creating a safer space.
  • Collect Evidence, Not Fear: Participants mastered the proper use of sexual violence forensic kits, ensuring vital evidence is preserved.
  • Heal the Body and Mind: From treating physical injuries to managing STIs and offering post-exposure prophylaxis, these medics become guardians of health.
  • Protect and Respect: Ethical considerations, self-care strategies, and reporting procedures were all addressed, ensuring the best possible experience for survivors.

The Results Are In: Healing Amplified!

The impact was undeniable. Post-training assessments revealed a 35% jump in medical staff’s ability to provide sensitive and comprehensive care. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. A 10% increase in their capacity for empathetic and trauma-informed care paints a powerful picture: These medics are now better equipped to offer the emotional support survivors desperately need.

But the Fight Continues

REWAC’s mission doesn’t end here. They need your help to continue empowering medical professionals and building a stronger support system for survivors.

So, what can you do?

  • Spread the Word: Share this article and raise awareness about REWAC’s vital work.
  • Donate: Every contribution helps provide crucial training and resources.
  • Speak Up: Let’s break the silence surrounding sexual violence.

Together, we can create a world where survivors are met with the compassion and care they deserve. Be a part of the solution. Join REWAC in the fight for healing.

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