Food Security

REWAC provides targeted food and nutrition assistance for refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs and vulnerable migrants. Our initiatives include:

  • Distributing monthly household rations of cereals, beans, oil and salt fortified with micronutrients to meet basic food and nutrition needs, prioritizing at-risk groups. Rations are adapted for cultural/health needs.
  • Training displaced and host communities in nutritional food preparation, homestead gardening, small livestock rearing, composting, and climate-smart agriculture practices to support food self-reliance.
  • Constructing community grain warehouses equipped with hermetic storage technology to help smallholder farmers store surplus yields safely for sustained income in the lean season. This reduces post-harvest losses.
  • Facilitating creation of agricultural/producer cooperatives to access inputs, microcredit and markets; supporting small cottage industries for women focused on baking, tailoring etc to diversify incomes.
  • Screening children 6-59 months for malnutrition and referring acutely malnourished cases to outpatient therapeutic feeding programs to regain health. Counseling caregivers is central.
  • In emergencies, partnering to provide cooked meals through community kitchens, distributing hot rations and deploying mobile nutrition teams to reach affected populations.
Refugee Welfare

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