Sisia Community Takes Charge: REWAC Empowers Locals to Fight Gender-Based Violence

Think of a community where help for victims of gender-based violence (GBV) is just around the corner. The Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC) is making this a reality in Sisia Quarters, a Slum area,in  Bamenda, by establishing a dedicated GBV committee.

This committee, formed through a recent REWAC initiative, is a game-changer for Sisia. Key community leaders were empowered through an interactive session on GBV, gaining vital knowledge on identifying cases, understanding referral mechanisms, and most importantly, supporting those in need.

Here’s why this is a win for Sisia:

  • Local Heroes Emerge: Sisia now has a dedicated committee, acting as focal points for GBV issues. These leaders will be the first line of defense for victims, ensuring they receive the support they deserve.
  • Knowledge is Power: The interactive session equipped leaders with essential knowledge about GBV. They can now effectively identify cases and navigate the referral process to get victims the right help.
  • Stronger Together: The success of this initiative relies on collaboration. Weekly reports from the committee to REWAC will ensure continued support and a community working in unison.

This isn’t just a committee – it’s a beacon of hope. By empowering Sisia quarter leaders, REWAC is fostering a safe and supportive environment where GBV has no place to hide. The fight for a violence-free community starts here, and Sisia is taking charge.

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