Advocacy and Policy: Building Bridges, Protecting Lives

Police Officers Trained on Domestic Violence and Sexual Offenses.

In a significant step towards strengthening the fight against domestic violence (DV) and sexual offenses, REWAC brought together 35 police officers (25 male and 10 female) for a day of intensive training.

The focus? Equipping officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively handle these sensitive cases.

Empowering Officers, Protecting Survivors

The workshop covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Understanding the nature, impact, and prevalence of DV and sexual offenses
  • Exploring relevant national and international laws, including the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) and sexual offenses legislation
  • Deep dive into the DVA, its provisions, legal obligations, and procedures
  • Investigating sexual offenses, with a focus on consent, evidence collection, and forensic procedures
  • Effective communication and support for survivors, including active listening, building trust, and referral pathways
  • The importance of inter-agency collaboration with social services, healthcare professionals, and legal practitioners
  • Maintaining professionalism, confidentiality, and unbiased approaches, addressing personal biases and cultural stereotypes

Measurable Progress

The workshop wasn’t just informative, it demonstrably improved officer competency. A post-training survey revealed a 40% increase in police officers’ awareness of relevant legislation and the DVA. There was also a reported improvement in attitudes towards survivors.

A Step Forward in the Right Direction

This workshop serves as a powerful example of how targeted training can significantly impact law enforcement’s response to DVA and sexual offenses. By equipping officers with the necessary knowledge and skills, REWAC is helping to build bridges between survivors and the justice system, ultimately creating a safer environment for all.

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