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Change the lives of vulnerable migrants

What we do


As concerns activities under advocacy, we train Lawyers on the rights of vulnerable migrants as well as organizing conferences, talk shows, debates and seminars plus Workshops on issues about vulnerable migrants. We raise awareness about the rights of vulnerable migrants within the refugee community, law faculty students, police, the Judiciary, community leaders, religious authorities, traditional rulers, the media, and other main relevant target groups. We also carry out campaigns and other outreach activities for information dissemination, visibility, and the promotion of the rights of vulnerable migrants especially women, children and the disabled, or persons with special needs (PSNs). The long term goal under the advocacy program is the training of a corps of pro bono legal practitioners who will provide legal assistance to vulnerable migrants passing through the status determination (RSD) process at the UN Refugee Agency and to file such cases with the competent Ordinary Courts.


Concerning education, the main activity is the vocational training of vulnerable migrants on skills and trades for immediate job acquisition and income generation. We also engage in primary, secondary and higher school support programs for migrant children. At the same time, being a ‘grassroots’ organization, we effectively undertake research, and collect information at the base that is difficult for major organizations and governments to have as regards the gender of the thousands of migrants, their nationalities, effect of their migration, needs, age, their particular story, civil status etc. This enables us to have firsthand information of their needs and the effect on their migration, in order to formulate better policies and projects for enhanced service delivery and much easier integration into their immediate community.



Under this program area, we build strategic partnerships with other major stake holders for food distribution to the over 600,000 vulnerable migrant population in Cameroon. The situation of these migrants is dehumanizing, precarious and critical. Added to this is the devastating effect of climate change and the ongoing crisis in the two Anglophone Regions of Cameroon which has also resulted to food shortages and insecurity.

REWAC would distribute emergency food and non-food items as well as food packages to these vulnerable migrants, to enable them withstand the immediate physical challenges of their new environment. Baskets of food shall include eggs, chicken, ground nut oils, cereals, margarine, sugar, powdered milk, rice, sardines, and sundry canned food.
We intend to distribute 50,000 of such food baskets within the next 24 months.

Non-food items would include but not limited to the provision of sleeping mattresses, gloves, hats, flash lights, jackets, second handed shoes and clothes, blankets, stoves, .sweaters etc .Female and baby support packages entails hygiene kits, detergents, hand soaps, baby wipes, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste , body rub, cleaning supplies and basic kitchen utensils, pots, cookers ,and cleaners.