Together We Can

Change the lives of vulnerable migrants

Who We Are


REWAC is a small indigenous non-governmental organization registered under Cameroon law in March 2009. We are dedicated to actions, activities, projects and programmes that defend the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons.

What We Do


As concerns activities under advocacy, we train Lawyers on the rights of vulnerable migrants as well as organizing conferences, talk shows, debates and seminars plus Workshops on issues about vulnerable migrants.


Concerning education, the main activity is the vocational training of vulnerable migrants on skills and trades for immediate job acquisition and income generation. We also engage in primary, secondary and higher school support programs for migrant children


Under this program area, we build strategic partnerships with other major stake holders for food distribution to the over 600,000 vulnerable migrant population in Cameroon. The situation of these migrants is dehumanizing, precarious and critical

Help Us win the battle against covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a major challenge especially for IDPs. They suffer from ‘double jeopardy’, first from their abrupt displacement and secondly from the negative effects of the pandemic on their already precarious living. It is our intention to mitigate the hardship arising from the pandemic by the provision of some prevention kits. The goal is to save lives, and to uphold their dignity.

Impact Stories

Asong Brain

Cameroon is hosting more than 100,000 refugees from both Central African Republic and Nigeria due to political instability. They all came to seek refuge in Cameroon. Again, there are alot of IDPs from both Northern Region and South Region of Cameroon who migrated because of secessionist attacks. All these persons migrated  as a result of they need help, health care, attention and assistance in education, food and non-food items. Any support accorded REWAC to fulfil an objective is highly appreciated.

Diugar Enrique Madera Buscarini

I want to express my profound gratitude and heartly appreciation for the work of this great organization. Most especially, the hearth to hearth talk with the concerned individuals. Refugee Welfare Association in Cameroon is doing a great job supporting refugees and IDPs in Cameroon. As a small NGO struggling to support large numbers of refugees, it needs the help of donors and well wishers.

Our Partners