Paid Volunteering Positions in Europe

Paid Volunteering Positions in Europe

For those seeking volunteering jobs in Europe, this opportunity is going to be the best option. You may now have the opportunity to be a volunteer in Europe if chosen. Thessaloniki (Greece) based The Coopeative ‘Epomeni Stasi’ is looking for the volunteers. As for The Coopeative ‘Epomeni Stasi’, it is a social local business café that provides the youngsters with disabilities with opportunities to enter into the labor market in a safer and not such competitive environment.

Details about Volunteering in Europe at The Coopeative ‘Epomeni Stasi’

The company creates an attractive colorful and warm café in the city center where the youngsters, tourists and citizens have the opportunity to order through ‘signs’, and possess the experience of learning and using the Greek sign language.

The Coopeative ‘Epomeni Stasi’ supports the products of local market and a healthy lifestyle through responsible consumption. It actively promotes inclusion, solidarity and multiculturalism. At the café, numerous cultural events happen which are accessible for mixed groups of youngsters like hard of hearing, deaf and hearing as well. A number of artists from various backgrounds showcase their work at the café, new initiatives are also welcome up to the topics of solidarity and inclusion.

Brief Description about This Volunteering Work

Let’s check out the details about this volunteering in a brief manner.

Location: Thessaloniki (Greece)

Program: Volunteering

Financial Benefits: Paid with Other Benefits

Deadline for Applications: 30th September 2022

Duration of the Volunteering in Europe at The Coopeative ‘Epomeni Stasi’

It will take place from 1st October 2022 to 31st December 2023. It will be a total of 65 weeks duration. The location will be Ermou 26, 54638 Thessaloniki in Greece. If interested, you may apply and work as a volunteer.

Training the Volunteers Will Receive During the Activity

The successful volunteers will be trained fully through methods of nonformal education up to the social economy principles. They will be also trained as to how to work at a social business where employees are youngsters with disabilities. They will also learn the use of tools for promoting social inclusion and cohesion in society.


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